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About the program

The Kuva Media Affiliate Program is an exclusive, limited program, designed to provide our partners with an opportunity to earn commissions by promoting our services to their audience and/or professional network.

Whether you are a blogger, social media influencer, website owner, or a connected professional, our program offers a great way to monetize your online presence and/or professional network.

General program details

  • Affiliates can earn a 5% commission on eligible customers' net purchases of Kuva Media goods and services, including subscription services
    Kuva Media Affiliate Program does not apply to Kuva Shop™ or Kuva Academy™ goods and services. There is a separate program for Kuva Shop Affiliates
  • Customers using an eligible affiliate code are eligible for a one-time 5% discount on eligible Kuva Media goods and services, including subscription services
  • Affiliate commssion and customer discounts on subscription services are limited, up to a 12 month period
    Subscription services that are stopped and restarted will not be eligible to recieve an affiliate discount
  • Customers may bundle multiple goods and services into one transaction and apply their one-time affiliate code discount. To do so, customers will be required to reach out to the Kuva Media team for instructions

Affiliate eligibility

  • Applicant must be a company or entity incorportated in the United States of America
  • Kuva Media gives priority to applicants with larger or specialized (i.e. niche, not necessarily large) audiences and/or networks, who provide quality content and/or services to their audience and/or clients
  • Kuva Media reserves the right to approve or reject any Affiliate’s application at their sole and absolute discretion

General program requirements for Affiliates

  • Display a link on your website, blog or social media post, or other medium to, or use a custom link provided by Kuva Media™
  • Use your Affiliate code provided by Kuva Media™
  • Disclose to your audience that the code is one-time use, per customer
  • Include an affiliate disclaimer and disclosure in your website's Disclaimer, as well as near the link to Kuva Media™ (sample language provided)
  • Make sure that your website includes Terms of Use, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy (contact us with questions)

How to apply

  1. Fill out the application below (best viewed on desktop)
  2. The Kuva Media team will review, and get back to you within 5-10 business days with follow-up questions, or a decision
Please note: filling out this application does not garauntee acceptance to the Kuva Media Affiliate Program


If an application is accepted

The Kuva Media team will provide next steps, documentation, and access to the Kuva Media Affiliate Program help and documentation center:

Other ways to collaborate

If you're looking to take an active role in the marketing and sales process, reach out to us for information about our sales agent program.

Contact us with any questions.

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